Women' Long Sleeve Embroidered Dress

Women' Long Sleeve Embroidered Dress

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Crafted for believers of a sound theory in pleasing threads, our designs combine fine quality and our brand's signature romance.
Let's make falling in love with your outfit easy!

Laundry & Ironing

Our guide to extending your clothing lifespan!

  1. Sort Before Washing:
  • Sort by Colour: Separate whites from coloured/dark clothes; and Light-coloured from dark-coloured. Dark colour clothes includes Deep Red, Deep Blue, Navy, Black, etc
  • Sort by Type:
  • Separate brand new clothes (clothes that have not been washed before)

  • Separate delicate materials like eyelet, beads, sequin

  • Never wash towels with clothes

  • Avoid mixing heavy items like jeans and hoodies with delicate fabrics like linen

    2. Cold Temperature For Clothes:

  • Handwashing: Use normal cold water
  • Machine wash: Select 20 degrees. Never more than 30 degrees as warmer/hot water will weaken fabric

  1. Prep Clothes Before Washing:
  • ALWAYS turn inside out to prevent pilling and combat fading
  • Tie sash & string to prevent tangles / pulls
  • Remove any pins, buckles
  • Empty pockets
  • Zips / Snaps & Hooks / Velcro: If clothes have these hardware, ensure they are zipped, secured and hooked to prevent abrasions and snags

  1. Choose Gentle Detergent
  • Always opt for gentle detergents: Mild fragrance, non-fragrance and baby-safe ones are our favourite!
  • Avoid detergents that combine stain removal and washing. If they tout a strong formula that helps to remove stains, it is more likely that the formula is stronger with greater abrasive chemicals that might weaken fabrics. Treat stains separately before washing per point 5. 
  • Fabric softeners: Never use on our clothes

  1. If There Are Any Stains:
  • ALWAYS treat the stain as fast as you can, before it sets in: quickly blot liquids to avoid spreading
  • Treat the stains before washing
  • Don’t put into dryer as heat sets stain into fabric

  1. Washing Machine:
  • Timer: User short cycle/duration. Clothes last longer when they are spun around less
  • Speed/Spin Cycle: Choose slow/low. It is a good choice for fabrics that are prone to creases, as the slower spin cycle reduces wrinkles.
  • ALWAYS put delicate clothes into a mesh bag
  • Turn inside out
  • Cold water temperature: 20 degree
  • Gentle wash cycle with low spin mode (400)
  • No dryer
  • Use mild detergent formulated for delicate fabrics

  1. Delicate Fabrics:
  • What are delicate fabrics? Thinner, softer, or embellished fabrics such as eyelets, beads, sequins, linen
  • Gentle detergent. No fabric softener
  • Handwash / Dry clean:
  • Highly preferred over machine wash
  • Drain soapy water and rinse repeatedly until soapy residue is removed
  • Don’t wring, twist or scrub as it can stretch fabric and/or cause hard creases. Gently squeeze excess water and hang over the waist to dry
  • Washing machine: Comes with risk but best practice would be all those listed under point 6

  1. No Dryer: Save it for your towels, heavy items, or non-printed t-shirts (but they may still shrink after several runs due to the high temperature). We recommend to dry your clothes the traditional way, on a clothesline or drying rack.

  2. Perfumes, Deodorants and Moisturizers: Apply them before wearing clothes to avoid contact with chemicals that could cause fabric stains.

For Printed Apparels / Apparels with more than one colour

  • Do not soak in water to ensure that colour will not run.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • Turn apparels inside-out when washing and ironing.

For Apparels made of Lace / Crochet

  • Do not soak in water to ensure that lace will not shrink drastically.
  • Do not machine wash as the delicate material may tear.
  • Iron under low heat over a folded handkerchief to prevent damage to the delicate material. 
  • Alternatively, using a steam ironed is highly recommended.

For Apparels made of Chiffon / Silk / Polyester / Other thin materials

  • Do not machine wash as the delicate material may tear.
  • Iron under low heat over a folded handkerchief to prevent damage to the delicate material.
  • Alternatively, using a steam ironed is highly recommended.

For Pleated Apparels

  • Do not iron the pleats as it will damage the pleats.
  • After washing, you can hang the apparel by the waist and allow the apparel to air-dry.
  • Alternatively, using a steam iron is recommended.

For white clothes:

  • White apparels naturally loses its shine after repeated washing. Collate all white apparels together. You can use a small amount of white vinegar (About 120ml) and dilute with larger amounts of water (about 3.8 litres). Remember dosage is important, do not over-apply. Hang and dry in the sun.

For Sequined Apparels

  • Hand-wash gently and separately with mild detergent only. Dab to remove stains.
  • Do not rub. Do not soak. Do not wring dry. Do not tumble dry. 
  • Avoid pairing with accessories and ensure no fabric catches on when zipping to avoid damage to the material. Please wear with due care and attention.
  • There may be excess sequin flakes inherent at source but these can be easily dust off and is not a defect.